Google Ads

G Digital Desh helps you in managing your Google Ads by targeting the specific keywords that can drive more purchases, leads or conversions to your website.


Google AdWords

G Digital Desh helps you in managing your Google Ads by targeting the specific keywords that can drive more purchases, leads or conversions to your website. Our professionals of Google AdWords know which thing will work and which one will not. For determining the best approach of gaining the traffic of qualified customers, we perform intensive keyword research and find out the potential keywords which are exactly searched by the potential customers. With the help of different techniques or methods and tools, our expert professional team creates effective paid campaigns and ensures the best results.

The campaigns of Google Adwords are more effective and bring fast results as compared to the techniques of SEO (Search engine optimization). So, it is better to invest in Google Adwords and take our best services. All the Google AdWords campaigns are not similar and have different goals to accomplish. For the success of your Google Adwords campaigns, G Digital Desh works very hard and put their 100% for achieving success. 


For a strong base, keyword research

For converting a simple campaign into a successful campaign, keywords research is very important. Our professionals of marketing focus more on keyword research and determine which keywords are more powerful in order to provide high ROI.


Exploration of competitor’s campaigns

For ranking high from the competitors it is important to understand the strategy of competitors. Our marketing experts evaluate the campaigns of your competitors and then strategize a solid strategy for you.


Ad copy and campaign creation

We take the responsibility of creating ad copy, Adwords campaign and arrange all the settings. For achieving more conversion rates, our expert marketers create and modify various ad variations.


Design and development of landing page

We are expert in all domains whether it is development, designing or marketing. For you, we can develop and design a perfect landing page that will result in high conversions.


Monthly Overview and proper reporting

At the end of each month, we will send a monthly report to you that contains what was done and the future strategies of the upcoming months. You are always free to contact us and our team whenever you face any problem or issue as we are always available for your help.


Management services of Google AdWords include:

  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword bid modifications
  • Landing page feedback
  • Adwords setup
  • Google ad design & testing
  • Content review
  • Google Analytics review
  • Competitor analysis & review
  • & more


With Google Adwords, you can gain a lot of benefits like:-

Increase your customers- You can attract more new customers and visitors towards your website with the help of effective PPC ads.


Build a good engagement with all kinds of clients- 

Google Adwords is very effective in attracting all kinds of customers, like global customers and local customers who live near your office or shop. So, target your respective audiences with Google Adwords. 


Identify the clients or customers at the perfect time- 

This is the reason why Google Adwords is so much important and beneficial for businesses. With the help of Google Adwords, you can attract customers at the time when they are searching for the products or services presented by you.


According to your budget run the ads- 

As per your budget (small or big), you can run the advertisements. Running the Google advertisements is very easy and flexible, as you can select the time slots and even a particular duration during which you can run your ads.


Pay when you receive clicks- 

This feature is one of the best of Google Adwords. In this procedure, you
have to pay only when the users click on your ads or call you for some services or products.