Remarketing is the re-engaging marketing tactic used by the marketers to re-capture the users who previously visited your site


Remarketing Services (Google Adwords Or Google Ads Service)

Remarketing is the re-engaging marketing tactic used by the marketers to re-capture the users who previously visited your site but navigated away without purchasing anything from your website. By taking the services of remarketing from us, you can take efficient and smart decisions for the growth of your business.

In this advertising technique, engaging ads are used for attracting visitors to your website, so that you can increase your business sales. We at G Digital Desh, provide the best remarketing services in Jaipur, India and help your business in its growth.


Our retargeting process

The process of retargeting takes lots of effort and planning. For the success of remarketing campaigns, it is very important to manage the process of retargeting very efficiently.


For achieving the best results it is very important to determine all the goals and needs of the customers.


For recapturing the right audiences and gaining more conversions, proper research is an important factor in the process of retargeting.


Creating the required messages for recapturing the target audiences and driving more conversions


Planning or selecting the strategy that would work best for the remarketing campaigns.


Selecting or picking the right time for the implementation of retargeting campaigns


Implementation of the strategies and plans of re-marketing


For checking the performance, we use the key performance indicators


Evaluation of the results of re-marketing campaigns


Our team is an expert in creating appropriate retargeting messages according to the type of retargeting audience. Our designing process of retargeting messages is different from others, as we concentrate more on visual designs, links, demographics and detailed features. For ensuring the correct performance, our team also performs A/B testing of your retargeting messages.

Retarget at the perfect time

Retargeting messages and campaigns are only effective when you target the right customers. It is important and primary step of the retargeting process. The efforts which you are applying in the retargeting process will only succeed if you target the right customers at the right moment. Maximize the power of your retargeting struggles by taking the remarketing services of G Digital Desh.

Stop wasting time, and retarget the customers quickly

It is better to retarget the right customers quickly; otherwise, you will miss the potential leads. Always retarget your customers with the right retargeting messages and advertisements, so that your customers do not forget you completely. With the help of retargeting, you can re-engage the customers and drive them back to your website.

Retargeting based on customers’ behavior

For determining and understanding the behavior of customers, we use accurate listening and tracking tools. The information which is gathered with the help of these tools is used as the key performance indicator and brings excellent results.

How we perform remarketing

The process of retargeting is not as simple as you think. Only just throwing an ad to a specific platform is not all about retargeting and doing this thing will not bring any positive result to your business.  In our strategy of retargeting, planning, creating and implementation of the retargeting ads take place. Our experienced and skilled team of remarketing follows the correct process of retargeting and ensures the success of your business.

Audience division

The segmentation of the audiences according to your business’s targets is very important for driving quick and effective results.

Ad planning

With respect to your target audience and other key performance indicators (KPIs), we plan and schedule the advertisements.

Ad design

We create ads according to your brand requirements and promote these on the specific platforms for recapturing the users.

Evaluate the performance

We track and evaluate our performance time-to-time and send you the detailed report weekly and monthly.

Use the remarketing ads efficiently

Lead Generation –

Engage the visitors and recapture them through remarketing techniques.

Ecommerce –

Offer some discounts on the products which your customers viewed previously and re-engage them.

G Digital Desh offers well-

optimized paid campaigns and advertisements for re-engaging the customers and increasing the conversion rates.  

Experience excellent remarketing campaigns with G Digital Desh

According to the users’ behavior, enhance sales and leads of your business with the help of remarketing strategy. 
Don’t miss the potential leads and capture them at the right time.

Display the ads at the right time and help the customers in the conversion process

On the bases of interests, categories, and keywords, target your potential audiences.

Increase the range and use the platforms like Facebook, Google and more for the purpose of remarketing.

We are experienced in remarketing or retargeting and use the following techniques and platforms:

  • Facebook remarketing
  • URL tagging
  • For better attainment and maintenance, we perform call tracking
  • Social advertising- Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter ads
  • CRO (Conversion rate optimization)
  • Display and examine remarketing on Google
  • Combination of CRM with websites